Celebrating four decades of pioneering care with a colourful and contemporary new look

The Huntington & Langham Estate Logo

2018 marks 40 years since our client in Hindhead first opened their doors to offer expert, compassionate care, and we were tasked with creating a new identity to relaunch a business that has expanded and evolved over the years, but still holds family values at the heart of it all.

Having carried out minimal marketing for over two decades, they lacked a clear brand, had created multiple logos, had sent out mixed messaging, and had little coordination as far as marketing was concerned. With a fantastic reputation, word of mouth had been sufficient for many years, but with increasing competition cropping up nearby, the family decided it was time to invest in the image of their business and create an image to reflect how good they are at what they do.

The Huntington & Langham Estate

The challenge

Our brief was to create a brand to bring two entities under one umbrella and enable them to be marketed as one, creating a unified and current look, and to reduce long-term marketing spend – and it had to be different and creative to stand out from tough competition in the care industry.

The solution

With the two buildings in question sharing the same location but with different names – Huntington House and Langham Court – we started by bringing them together, so we knew what we were working with: the Huntington & Langham Estate was born. We then created a unique visual identity for this new brand. It’s colourful, sophisticated and unlike anything else in the business – we love it, and so does our client. And the results speak for themselves.

The results

Our client was incredibly happy with the unique brand we created for them. The Huntington & Langham Estate now has an eye-catching visual identity, setting it apart from competitors and highlighting its first-class offering when it comes to compassionate, pioneering care. By advertising one entity rather than two, we’ve been able to generate additional enquiries and seamlessly unite two homes as one in order to avoid any confusion and reduce marketing spend going forward.

The Huntington & Langham Estate Logo
The Huntington & Langham Estate 1
The Huntington & Langham Estate 2
The Huntington & Langham Estate 3
The Huntington & Langham Estate 4

The brains behind the branding

To get our client the results they wanted, we kept a more typographical approach rather than starting by designing new imagery, as we wanted to focus on the new name of the brand and the unity of the two homes within that. By choosing a simple, clear, black sans serif font visible even in small sizes, we completely did that. And depending on the space and the size available where the logo’s being applied, we created different horizontal and packed versions that can be selected to suit

The new branding – and particularly our use of geometric shapes – take influence from the Bauhaus period and from Kandinsky’s artwork. Kandinsky used shapes in a more abstract way than we have, but by using squares, triangles and circles within the Huntington & Langham Estate’s style, it’s clear to see the influence coming through.

The Huntington & Langham Estate Branding 1
The Huntington & Langham Estate Branding 2
The Huntington & Langham Estate Branding 3

We used those basic colourful shapes to create patterns in a stricter geometric way but have managed to retain a modern look and feel, making them an integral part of the new visual identity of the Huntington & Langham Estate. Those colourful shapes accompany the typographical logo and play a main role in the brand’s new identity, helping the Estate to raise its profile.

By rebranding, we’ve removed that ambiguity surrounding the two homes – our client’s audience now understands their offering and can clearly see how it provides the perfect solution for many people in need of care, thanks to its all-encompassing offering of residential, nursing, dementia and respite care between the two homes on the Estate. With a brand-new website and brochure, along with other marketing collateral to connect with clients, both digital and print, we have transformed the Huntington & Langham Estate’s image.

The Huntington & Langham Estate Digital 1
The Huntington & Langham Estate Digital 2

Inspiration for the colour palette came from our client’s 30-acre Estate – we chose calm and natural earth tones, along with the colours of the trees and the leaves, to encapsulate the countryside within the Huntington & Langham Estate’s branding. With a muted, vintage feel, our colour palette really does reflect the beautiful environment, and the shapes of the wider brand will ensure they tastefully stand out in their setting.

If your brand is in need of a new lease of life, speak to Shuttlefish, as we love the challenging of creating something unique to you – whether you have a vague idea of what you’d like or you don’t have a clue, we’re here to help.

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