How focusing on digital marketing improves online performance

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When our client approached us with a new challenge regarding their website’s performance, we took the opportunity to showcase exactly what we can do here at Marketing for Care Homes. As digital marketing experts in the care industry, we knew what the ideal solution would be, so with the client on board with our ideas, we cracked on implementing them.

St. Michaels Care Community - Herne Bay

The client

St. Michael’s is an all-inclusive nursing home in Westgate-on-Sea in Kent. Our client is serious about providing care of the highest standard – since taking over in 2016, significant investment has been made regarding both the building and staff to create one of the very best homes in the area.

The challenge

Until July, our client’s website ranked very highly for searches within close proximity of the home, such as Westgate-on-Sea and Margate. But the client decided that a broader reach was required to generate sufficient enquiries, for both residents and recruitment.

The solution

With this in mind, we looked ways to boost the website’s online performance within the wider Kent area, targeting specific locations including Maidstone, Broadstairs, Ashford, Herne Bay, Canterbury, Ramsgate and Sandwich, and also slightly further afield with London.

In addition to seamlessly incorporating a range of carefully chosen keywords throughout the website’s pages, we also created a whole new web page dedicated to the community and care in Kent. And it was easy to see how successful it was.

St. Michaels Care Logo
St. Michaels Care Community
St. Michaels Care Community
St. Michaels Care Community
St. Michaels Care Community

The results

We measured the increase in sessions and new users per location (as detected by Google Analytics). Each location has two bars – the left-hand bars show figures from before the page went live and the right-hand bars show figures in the month following the new page going live. It’s easy to tell which bars represent the areas targeted, as they show a significant increase – you can see the areas that we didn’t target towards the right-hand side of each graph, where little or no difference can be seen between the two periods. We’ve included these to highlight the positive results.

We also have a series of graphs highlighting the increase in Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPs) for keywords in targeted locations. The trend here shows that the average position for the keywords we included have improved over time, which basically means that we delivered the result that the client asked for in the brief!

With measured figures from July compared to August once our website enhancements had been implemented, there’s a noticeable improvement in all the places we targeted. When looking at sessions, the smallest increase shown for the areas we targeted was just below 50% and the largest increase was over 200% – and when looking at new users for the same locations, every single location saw a positive improvement, with increases of up to a huge 118%.

Is digital marketing the right thing for your business?

If you’re looking to target specific search terms or geographic areas to improve your search rankings then yes, digital marketing is exactly what you need. If you don’t rank as highly as you’d like for your key search terms, then we’re here to help and achieve the results you’re looking for.

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